PR Girls


Topless Waitress

Our PR Girls Are all-around

 Draw attention to your live marketing event and help elevate your party presence no matter where you are activating!


Vancouver Exotic Talent has a special selection of PR Girls; having all the qualities to interact and excel with consumers and prospective clients while conveying targeted brand messaging.


Our girls are friendly, energetic, assertive, and enjoy the work they do. They are pretty eventful exotic dancers who are experienced enough to please your guests at your party, run games, sell dances, and all sorts of extra’s — smart enough to truly add the value of beauty to your wild party.


When selecting the perfect PR Girl, we make sure that she should have the image, the guts, and the knowledge of what she is doing. This is very critical when promoting a party and selling it.


Their job involves entertaining the guests, selling body shots, selling lap dances & even girl on girl shows! PR Girls love to tease & please the crowd!


We help plan your event from the start through to implementation.


Our pretty, talented brand ambassadors think being a PR Girl is a career and not only something to do in their spare time.


They can be assigned at bachelor parties, poker party’s, boys night out , or anything else you choose and their role may vary as well as per your liking.


You can customize and specify your selection of PR Girls based on their hair color, looks, size, skill set, clothing requirements, lipstick color, etc — name it!


Want some upgrade?


Our PR Girls are all-around.


They are prepared with shooters and are ready to do some body shots and hot lap dances!


So don’t forget to pre-plan and bring lots of cash! Let us know what you are looking for.


Contact us now and arrange an appointment to reserve our girls and make your event a memorable one