Don’t settle for less, plan a badass Travel dancers Package for your next party!

Vancouver Exotic Talent provides some of the most memorable bachelor party, birthday party, or just a MANcation out-of-town nobody does it better, nobody does it wilder than us…


Vacation is supposed to be all about relaxing and spending a good company with the boys, especially when there are pretty girls around.


Choose a one night package or a multiple day and night package, wherever you want!


May it be at hotels, nightclubs, strip clubs, limos, steakhouse, adventure camps, private islands, etc. all wrapped into an amazing package

Experience is going to change the way you party!

With a Dancer Travel Package, you can save cash…so you can reserve more bikini-clad girls with you!


Wherever it may be, remote or offsite campgrounds, we’ll surely be there…


Our girls can act as guides and wing women to guarantee you fun over a week-long itinerary, rain or shine, night and day! Whether it’s a majestic stag party on a remote island or a multi-day men’s trip, these girls are a fighter; offering you their best service as possible.


They are intelligent and well-trained — having proper working etiquette regarding our service policies and guidelines for their safety and for the welfare of clients.


NOTE: You must have some kind of shelter for us, along with lights and preferably heat. So do inform us ahead of time so we can do our packing accordingly, especially if there is no running water available.


How to get started?


First, choose one of our bachelor party packages or have it customized.


Second, make your reservation. We can set up an account so that your guests can pay separately.


Third, we will lock in the details of your party package and email your reservation confirmation.


Lastly, we will coordinate with you to finally execute your dream event


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